What is a trunk show?

You probably see them announced all over Instagram, Facebook, and bridal boutiques' websites, but you may not know what a trunk show really is.

Bridal shops have trunk shows in order to show brides a particular designer’s full collection. It is a great way for bridal shops to display designs they don’t carry yet, and it gives brides who have an affinity for that designer the opportunity to come in and see the entire collection. If I know a bride is very fond of of a particular designer, I am always sure to let her know if I have an upcoming trunk show with that designer so that she can see and try on more styles.

There are two main reasons for brides to come in during a trunk show. First: it gives brides more options. Second: trunk shows almost always come with a discount of at least 10% off the gowns from the trunk show designer. Some bridal shops limit you to just trying on the trunk show designer, while others don't. At Love Bird Bridal Shop, you are never limited to just trying on the trunk show designer, so the gown shopping experience is just as open and stress-free as a regular bridal appointment. You simply have more options!

Be sure to check out our events page frequently to see what trunk shows are coming up!

photo by gray door photography

photo by gray door photography

Andria Bird